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hey girl! love ur tumblr! just wanted to ask u, do u have to have straight a's to get into nursing school? thinking of applying, but my grades aren't the best.

aw thanks:) I don’t think you need straight A’s to get into nursing school.  The requirement for most schools is a 3.0 or higher, the higher the more impressive but grades aren’t everything.  If you have experience and if you show your passion for nursing (with some persistence), let that shine too, and that can help:)

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-that perfect transition between songs from a mixtape 

-the text message conversations between my parents

-event planning complete with cake making and surprises galore

-facetiming with my favorite little girl named maddie

-taking notes again with my pilot G-2 extra fine point

-cooking food with a conglomerate of ingredients to make it work and make it tasty

-I love that I can watch any type of movie or show at my disposal via netflix

-having lighthearted conversations with the higher uppers 

-finding connections with strangers 

-shopping at home goods


FASHION: Givenchy Fall/Winter 2014

Givenchy gives a new name to uber-feminine and chic once more! The collection saw creative director Riccardo Tisci shying from the street wear inspired aesthetic we’ve seen him master again and again and into more glamorous and tailored hyper-chic motif. 

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FASHION: PUMA x Solange “Girls of Blaze” Lookbook

Pure FIRE! When it comes to fashion, everything Solange touches turns to Technicolor goodness, and in a world of black and black, a punch of tasteful brightness is always appreciated.

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if I had to write a sexy love letter to a sexy man, here it is

Johnny Stimson - So Good

Thanks Maricel :)